January 04, 2017


Supernomad in the sand

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A Q&A with Claire & Laura Jopson of the Twins That Travel

Twins That Travel Q&A at Supernomad


It’s particularly hard, especially in the fast moving and fickle world of social media, to stand out in a sea of travel writers and photographers – did you take particular inspiration from specific styles/genres when it came to creating your own look and feel for Twins That Travel?

Yes, and it’s something we initially adopted quite unconsciously. We’ve both always loved photography, so it seemed natural to make that the focus of what we do, due to the sheer volume of photos we had sitting on our hard drives. However, we also really enjoyed HDR photography and the vibrant colours it produced. We were aware that Instagram tended to promote more muted, ‘moody’ tones and filters, and felt we would make a conscious effort to make our corner of Instagram as colourful as possible, to contrast with this. We didn’t want to produce a channel that would be more of the same or predictable! It’s something we’ve now stuck to for the past 2 years and it’s ensured we’ve kept a particular ‘feel’ to our feed, that our followers have now come to expect.


Are there other writers, photographers or bloggers that you admire and/or feel are managing to stay true to their ‘brand’, in terms of remaining unique in style, approach and ethos?

Yes! World of Wanderlust (Brooke Saward) has always very much kept to her own style, particularly when vlogging. This means that you not only know what to expect in terms of content and quality, but genuinely look forward to reading or watching her content. It’s a little like having your own personal relationship with the vlogger! Instagram channels such as @sophlog and @gypsea_lust are great examples to us of how creating a curated feed, based on carefully selected colours or filters, can create an overall brand, almost effortlessly.


Have there been any particularly difficult lessons to learn along the way that you’d like to share?

Yes! As we started our account to showcase our travel photography – e.g. predominantly landscape photography – it’s meant that our followers are mainly interested in just these shots alone. When we post pictures of ourselves, or lifestyle shots, engagement can fall dramatically, simply because that’s not what our followers signed up for. It’s therefore been a steep learning curve to test what our followers want and combining this with our own vision for the blog (something we’re still learning!).


Twins That Travel Q&A at Supernomad


Where in the world have you had your most memorable moments, either professional or personal?

Tokyo! We visited when we were 17 and were both blown away by how alien it felt. It’s a place that has stuck with us for years and a place we are desperate to return to! The colours, lights and frenetic chaos of the city is addictive.


What are your personal travel necessities?

A multi-plug extension cable, to ensure we don’t have to pack lots of adapters! It’s exceptionally boring but so handy! And at least 2 pairs of clean PJs to remind us of home.


Where’s next on your itinerary?

Northern Ireland and Amsterdam.


And what do you look forward to the most when you come home?

A long bath, a cup of tea on the sofa with the cat and our own beds. There’s nothing better!


Do you have any hot tips for where you see being the next up-and-coming destination, and why?

Seoul in South Korea – it’s immaculate, easy to navigate and offers an alternative to places such as Tokyo or Singapore. We’re dying to visit.


What is your vision as you take Twins That Travel forward?

To ultimately continue to inspire those who feel travel is only for the adventurous, or those who quit their jobs and are financially fortunate. Travel is for everyone. We’d also like to move TTT into more of a lifestyle brand, covering our lives outside of travel (if our followers are interested!).


We believe at Supernomad in the importance of treading lightly (in terms of environmental and social impact) when it comes to fashion – do you agree that this is also important for travel? 

Absolutely – we’re conscious of how many flights we take and off-set this where we can. Most airlines offer you the chance to donate to have a tree planted when booking, and is something we like to do. It’s a nice little way to feel like you’re doing your bit.


If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would that be?

Literally anything is achievable if you want to make it work.


What would you say is the best part of your job? 

New friends, new experiences, and pushing ourselves far out of our comfort zones. Each week is different and that has meant life feels exciting, fresh and full of possibilities.


Twins That Travel Q&A at Supernomad


Twins That Travel began as a small Instagram account and has quickly become one of the fastest-growing travel blogs of its kind; recently winning Highly Commended at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards UK for Best in Travel. They believe in honest and authentic blogging that is both relatable and inspiring for any type of traveller. Here's how you can follow them more closely:

Website / twinsthattravel.com

Facebook / Twins That Travel

Instagram / @Twins_That_Travel

Twitter / @TwinsThatTravel

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