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Supernomad - About Us

The Luxury Edit for the Chic Wanderer.

We're all travellers, whether that's away to the coast for the weekend with the family or to a far-flung piece of heaven for that luxury holiday. But one common thread unites us here - we're curious. Curious and hungry for new experiences, to uncover new places and discover exciting new products. And curious about the story, inspired by brands and products who have something to say; a provenance, a history and a social integrity.

Supernomad brings together images and editorial on destinations and experiences from around the world, by a community of curious travellers who are eager to share the inspiration. To complete the story we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of beautiful fashion and accessories to make your journey that bit more special, to wherever that destination may be.

Positive Luxury and the Butterfly Mark  Positive Luxury - the Butterfly Mark     

Powered by Positive Luxury, the Butterfly Mark is awarded to luxury lifestyle brands that take pride in their craftsmanship, service and design, whilst caring about our planet’s resources. Positive Luxury assesses brands across five areas: governance, social framework, environmental framework, philanthropy and innovation. A brand carrying The Butterfly Mark is a brand you can trust, working hard to protect our planet’s resources. We're truly proud to be working with Positive Luxury in promoting these brands and helping to spread their important story (see also the Butterfly Mark on all our Elvis & Kresse and Age of Reason Studios products). 

Please contact us at info@supernomad.co.uk if you'd like to collaborate or work with us.