Fiji Island-Hopping, Solo Style - by Sophee Smiles

Sophee Smiles - Fiji - Supernomad

If you dream of a holiday filled with sun, sand, surf and smiles; if you want to travel solo but make new friends along the way; if you yearn to get off the grid and feel re-energised by nature; if you crave authentic cultural experiences which haven't been completely tarnished by tourism; Fiji is for you.

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The Joyous Energy of Pipa, Brazil - by Yvonne Derksen of The Tourist of Life

Pipa, Brazil at Supernomad - by the Tourist of Life

At the North East coast of Brazil (Rio Grande Do Norte) you’ll find a small place called Pipa. A colourful, happy and tropical place, surrounded by beaches and glorious views of the ocean. While it is touristic among Brazilians who are looking for a get-away in their own country, it is still a hidden gem for most foreigners. This leaves you stranded in a pure city, where Brazilian music, habits and food takes over, giving you the taste of Brazilian life as it is meant to feel.

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