February 02, 2018


Supernomad in the sand

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Introducing A'Journey London at Supernomad

A'Journey at Supernomad


Introducing A’Journey London

It’s been a pretty exciting start to the year here at Supernomad, with some fabulous pieces and a gorgeous new brand that we are thrilled to be sharing...

Introducing A’Journey London: the creative collaboration from Inexcess Fashion’s Malene Majlund and Malene Birger, the infamous Danish designer and founder of By Malene Birger. Based on a serious passion for travel, these collections really reflect Birger’s love of design, art and fashion, as well as combining function and beauty in perfect harmony. 

Our very own founder and editor, Sonja Healy, shares why this brand and collection resonated so much and how it has now come to be part of our Supernomad story.


Q: How did you discover A’Journey?  

A: I’ve been a personal fan of Malene Birger's aesthetic for a long time. The clean tailored lines and Scandi minimalism of By Malene Birger has always drawn me to her collections.

When I heard that she'd started a clothes brand that celebrated the art of travel fashion I felt it was kismet!


With so many emerging brands, what made this brand stand out?

The ethos of A’Journey really resonated with the Supernomad belief of "buying less and buying better" - investing in a few key pieces that are made well (and responsibly), that will last and travel well.  These pieces from A’Journey can easily be used as the basis of a capsule wardrobe; rather than buying several cheaper, unethically made 'fast' fashion pieces that you'll wear once or twice.

The new No. 2 Collection highlights the influences of Oman and India. I grew up in the Middle East so those cultures - the bold colours and layered aesthetic - is something I love and relate to in dressing and are very close to my heart.


What pieces have you edited for Supernomad and why?

The Supernomad edit from this No. 2 Collection is based on a) the perfect shirt; impreccably-tailored, flattering, adaptable from casual to dressy and b) the perfect pants that look great with a white tee and sneakers as well as with an elegant pair of strappy sandals for evening. Plus the best basic shirt dress that fulfills all needs when travelling; beach bar, sightseeing, work trips, and evening dinner.

 It’s clear that years of travelling have inspired a collection from Malene Birger that take a lot of the stress out of packing and enable ease of wear - and who doesn’t want to take the stress and hassle out of packing?


What is your overall goal for working with A’Journey and for Supernomad in 2018?

I believe in the powerful story of a passionate brand, of a strong driving force who believes strongly in their ethos. At Supernomad we want to support A'Journey and work together to create the perfect travel capsule wardrobe for women who believe in buying fashion with the #30wears philosophy.

Shop the Supernomad edit here.


Sonja Healy of Supernomad and A'Journey London




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