October 23, 2015


Supernomad in the sand

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Positive Luxury and Supernomad

As Trust Button partners for Elvis & Kresse and Age of Reason Studios, two of our featured brands who are endorsed by Positive Luxury's Butterfly Mark, we're delighted to tell the Positive Luxury story...



Entrepreneur and game-changer Diana Verde Nieto is co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, the company behind the Butterfly Mark. Argentinian-born Diana is a serial entrepreneur who was nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, went to Harvard Kennedy School of Global Leadership and Public Policy and trained with Al Gore at the Alliance of Climate Protection. Diana is a pioneer in the sustainability sector, in 2002 she founded Clownfish, a sustainability communications consultancy, before the topic was on most people’s radar, and built it to international success before selling to Aegis-Dentsu Group in 2008.




In 2011, Diana co-founded Positive Luxury, rewarding luxury lifestyle brands with the Butterfly Mark, a trust mark which legitimises a brand’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. Positive Luxury evaluate, communicate and improve the sustainability reputation of luxury lifestyle brands, transforming the way they engage with people. This enables consumers to identify brands that have a positive impact on people and the planet, through the Butterfly Mark and the Trust Button, which tells a brand’s positive story directly at point of sale.

For brands, the Butterfly Mark is a unique interactive trust mark and accreditation programme that showcases and amplifies a brand’s positive approach towards social and environmental responsibility. It is an instantly recognisable symbol that is synonymous with trust and will differentiate brands from their competition. It also helps customers identify brands that share their values; those that have a positive impact on people and the planet.

The Trust Button is an extension of the Butterfly Mark, and is a communication tool that sits on the product page of brands own site and/or the intermediary sites where the brands products or services are sold. It allows brands to differentiate themselves and helps consumers to purchase or engage with organisations that represent their own values.

Positive Luxury work with over 200 brands, all of which are on a mission to be a catalyst of change for a better future.The list is broad, extensive and growing, covering a range of industries from Business Services to Technology and Fashion, with high-profiles names such as Alexander McQueen, John Lewis, Belvedere Vodka (Spectre James Bond's current favourite tipple), Dom Perignon, Dr Hauschka and Monica Vinader.

Positive Luxury have also recently announced the appointment of Storm Keating as their Brand Ambassador. Storm Keating is a television producer, director, writer, and model. She is also one half of power couple 'Ronan and Storm', along with her musician husband, Ronan Keating. Storm commented: ‘I am so excited about this new project as there is a natural synergy between what I believe in and what Positive Luxury does. This is a fantastic opportunity to help change the face of consumerism for the better and shape the way luxury brands do business. By raising awareness with consumers and helping direct their purchases to more ‘positive products,’ we can also shed light on brands who are investing in social good and environmental responsibility. Our aim is to encourage even more brands to integrate sustainability into their business processes, in order to benefit the generations to come.’



Left to Right: Diana Verde Nieto, Ronan Keating, Storm Keating and Co-Founder Karen Hanton MBE

We looking forward to working with Positive Luxury closely in the future, and becoming Trust Button partners for more of their wonderful brands.



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