December 05, 2016


Supernomad in the sand

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Wildfitness Retreats - Zanzibar

Wildfitness Retreats in Zanzibar - Supernomad


Looking for radical results from a fitness retreat, but one that doesn’t look like it’s only for elite athletes and supermodels in the latest athleisure wear? Wildfitness have a different, ‘Transformative Approach’: a grounded scientific philosophy of fun and inclusivity, with a balanced schedule of work, rest and play - which will make you leaner, stronger, less injury prone and ensure that you leave completely rebalanced and recharged. You won’t necessarily drop a dress size, but you will be a far better, stronger and calmer version of yourself. 

At the very core of the Wildfitness philosophy are the principles of movement, playfulness and reconnection with nature ­– after all, nature knows best. Wildfitness retreats are designed to reprogram bad habits, postures, and movement patterns and remind you just how strong and capable the human body really is. Every age and fitness level is welcome: all shapes, sizes and abilities.

Wildfitness are a #BrandToTrust, fully endorsed with the Butterfly Mark by Positive Luxury - showcasing luxury lifestyle brands who take pride in their craftsmanship, service and design whilst caring for their employees and suppliers working hard to protect our planet's people and resources. The Butterfly Mark Award is the sole trust mark that exists in the luxury industry today, synonymous with luxury brands that care.

To inspire you for your 2017 health planning, here’s a short piece from Eric Walters reviewing the Zanzibar experience…


Wildfitness Retreats in Zanzibar - Supernomad

 Wildfitness Retreats - Supernomad

Wildfitness Retreats - Supernomad


Perhaps the idea of a white, sandy beach, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, the azure blue sea merging with that of the sky is the last thing on your mind. Or perhaps it is the only thing on your mind to get away from the grey skies and pre-Christmas hustle? In January this year, I was on such a beach, on the idyllic east coast of Zanzibar, feeling as far removed as I could possibly be from my normal urban life without having to leave planet Earth. The only slight difference between the image conjured up and the reality was that I was there on a Wildfitness retreat. So, while there were plenty of opportunities to rest and relax, there was also a fair amount of movement! I had my obligatory copy of Kapuściński’s Travels with Herodotus but his experience of Africa could not have been further removed from mine. The book lay unread by my bed, while I chose napping as my preferred activity whenever the chance presented itself.

The essence of a Wildfitness retreat is hard to capture in words due to the variety of activities and the feeling that the overall experience provides. On one level, it consists of movement followed by eating followed by rest, three times a day. However, on another level it is about the bonding experience of doing all of this with likeminded people and in a fun environment. On yet another level, it is about the dislocation from real life that provides the time and space to rest, deeply, and to allow your body and mind to recover. It is not a bootcamp with someone shouting at you to do another burpee. There are certainly some high-energy sessions such as the kick-boxing at 6.30am or the pyramid run on the beach, but these are complemented by a session called structural hygiene. You brush your teeth twice a day - oral hygiene - so why do you not provide your body with the same kind of attention? And the clunky phrase ‘structural hygiene‘ was born. And each session is about what you can achieve based on your current level of fitness, flexibility or strength. It is not about pursuing some goal of developing the perfect body but about making you the best version of yourself.

And, for most people there, the retreat facilitates a big realisation about how resilient we are, how underused our bodies are and how much latent potential they contain. Many of the sessions are team games, partner challenges and, often, downright silly. While in Zanzibar, we climbed trees, we crawled in the sand mimicking, very badly, a whole farmyard of animals, we swam, stretched, massaged, punched, kicked, lifted, carried and threw. But, most of all, we laughed, hard.


Wildfitness Retreats - Supernomad Wildfitness Retreats - Supernomad


For Zanzibar, prices are £3,550 per person (or £2,840 if sharing). Cost excludes flights, transfers and personal insurance. Contact for more information or call +44 7415 884 312. Other retreat locations include Crete, Berlin, Barcelona, Scotland, Norfolk and London.


 Wildfitness Retreats in Zanzibar - Supernomad


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