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India Inspiration by Hippie in Heels – 5 ideas for an Indian adventure!

The goMowgli Tour Bus

As the first true hop-on hop-off tour bus in India, I’m obsessed with this company and think they’re going to do huge things. Would I go on a trip with them again? Absolutely. While scrolling back to add photos to this post, I was overwhelmed by how much I saw and did with them. Had I wandered into Karnataka on my own backpacking, the result would have been getting lost, spending too much money because I was lost, not seeing the cool things because I didn’t know about them, and leaving feeling like it was a boring state. The tour was the first tour I’ve done in my life, and now I’m a convert; it was brilliant.


Hippie in Heels - goMowgli Tours


Read up on the goMowgli passes. See what is involved in each one and which one calls out to you. I recommend choosing two loops and doing something non-goMowgli in between them. If I had to rank the loops in order starting at most favourite, I’d say: Coorg, Mysore, Chikkamaglur, Hampi, Gokarna (I think they plan to condense and combine the last two).

The goMowgli tour are personal, fun, and cost-effective. You’ll feel safe and get a break from India’s chaos, and guests so far have been raving about how incredible their experience was. 

Read the full feature here, with a Karnataka video here


Explore the Chinnakanal Tea Fields

I’ve always wanted to go to the tea fields of India, but never actually thought past Darjeeling, when in fact the fields near Munnar in Kerala are possibly even more popular as a hill station to visit. When backpacking in Kerala, this is something not to miss!


Hippie in Heels - Chinnakanal Tea Plantation


Chinnakanal is 45 minutes or 21 km distance away from Munnar. It turned out to be the best decision of all since we saw hardly any other tourists, and NONE at the plantation itself. We had the whole area to play and ride around in Jeeps!

Read the full feature here.


Adventure Sports in Varkala

I loved Varkala! It was 10 x better than Kovalam in my opinion, which is another popular beach a little further south in Kerala. Varkala is up on a cliff and kind of reminds me of Vagator in Goa. It’s a huge tourist destination for Indians and foreigners alike, and it’s chilled out enough to swim in a bikini, wear dresses, and drink the ‘special tea’ at the bars, since no one has alcohol licenses.


Hippie in Heels - Watersports in Varkala


Stand-up paddle board (SUP) on the backwaters: Admittedly hard, but a unique experience. The current is strong, and out of the 4 km we paddle boarded, 2 km were against the current. But so worth it for the sunset! 

See the full feature on adventure sports in Varkala here - and more details on Kerala backpacking here.


Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh

Bomdila was one of my favourite towns in Arunachal Pradesh. This small town has a population of less than 10,000 people, is 8,800 feet above sea level, and is the home of the Monpa, Aka, Miji, Sherdukpen, and Bogun tribes.


Hippie in Heels - Bomdila


The Bomdila Pass is where you can go for great views of Kangto and Gorichen Peaks, which are the highest peaks in the state. You’ll also see great views just driving further north from Bomdila to Tawang.

Make sure not to miss the #1 attraction here – the Bomdila Monastery.

Click here for a full article with food and hotel recommendations. 


50 Things to do in Goa

I’ve got a handful of articles on my blog about Goa. I still get a handful of emails a day from people saying they’ve read them all but want to know if there is anything else I can recommend. I usually just reply whatever random thing I’m thinking of right then. So, I am going to list here 50 things to do in Goa some of which I’ve probably said at some time before – but now they are all in one place!

50 Things to do in Goa. For even more inspiration try these: Places in Visit in Goa in 3 Days and Places to Meet People in Goa While Travelling Alone.


 Hippie in Heels - Goa

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