Green & Spring - Revitalising Travel Candle Set

The Revitalising Travel Candle Set by Green & Spring is great for travelling. This Set contains 3 x 37g Travel Candles made from highest quality essential oils, all sourced in the UK: peppermint to invigorate, fennel to stimulate, spearmint to refresh, dandelion to nourish, thyme to fortify and rosemary to restore and strengthen. 

These candles are inspired by green, grassy fields, blending the invigorating fragrance of peppermint with the stimulating and enriching properties of fennel and oak moss.

Green & Spring candles contain 100% natural wax made from certified vegan, sustainable ingredients. All candles are free from paraffin, petrochemical and palm waxes, with no synthetic fertilisers or pesticides, and the wicks are lead-free and made from natural fibres.

Outer box measures approximately 20.5 cm long x 9 cm wide x 5.5 cm high. Each candle burns for up to 8 hours. A great addition to any holiday packing list for some instant travel luxury.

Free UK Shipping and a free Green & Spring Lip Balm with your purchase, for a limited time only.

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