Green & Spring - Miracle Nurturing Balm

The Miracle Nurturing Balm by Green & Spring is a multi-purpose skincare balm, perfect to have with you when you travel. Blending the delicate scent of lavender with rejuvenating evening primrose and restorative rosemary, this balm actively soothes and heals damaged, chapped and burnt skin. Great for dry and irritated skin conditions caused by air travel, sun and water exposure.

Inspired by wild, ancient hedgerows, the Skincare range by Green & Spring blends dynamic ingredients including clarifying bilberry, enlivening Horse chestnut and brightening elderberry.

The plant extracts and highest quality essential oils used in Green & Spring products are all native to the UK and have been cherished for their therapeutic qualities by English apothecaries for hundreds of years. Essential oils are the concentrated, aromatic essence of the plant extracted from all its parts, scientifically researched and shown to contain remarkable restorative properties - both psychological and physical.

The Miracle Nurturing Balm is a 50ml product so travel allowable. A great addition to any holiday packing list for some instant travel luxury.

Free UK Shipping and a free Green & Spring Lip Balm with your purchase, for a limited time only.


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